Thursday, March 15, 2012

Puzzle fun!

Charlotte has really taken to her puzzles lately. She is successful at a few of them, and can complete them with ease. She gets excited when she correctly places a puzzle piece, and appropriately applauds for herself upon her accomplishment. She's modest.

As we are trying to help her learn and recognize the alphabet, she has been getting some practice with her ABC puzzle. As I was doing the dishes one day, I heard Charlotte babbling to herself in the playroom. She was happily playing with her puzzle, successfully removing ALL 26 letters onto the floor. Job well done kiddo. However, as I take a closer listen, I hear "E, F, AAAAAAA." We've got something here! She actually listens to me and the countless versions of the ABC's I sing to her. Score!

You should also know that the number 4 is delicious.

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