Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Santa Express!

Instead of bringing Charlotte to the mall to see Santa Claus, we decided to take her on the Santa Express. The Santa Express is a train ride at Allaire State Park in which the families take a ride around the park 3x and Santa comes and visits all of the children in the train during the ride. How did Charlotte like it, you ask?

SHE DIDN'T!! She cried as soon as Santa popped his head in the car we were in. She was not liking the experience at all. She just wanted Santa to go away, and fast.

Even though she was not thrilled in the slightest, it was still a nice afternoon with our parents and Charlotte. As soon as the whole Santa experience was over, she was back to having a blast. Hopefully next year she will enjoy Santa a little more, but for now, we will keep a distance.

I also know that Charlotte is going to love opening presents this year. How do I know? Well, she found a few presents and decided she wanted to test her unwrapping skills. Her skills are accurate and ready for Christmas morning. Now, off to hide the presents a little better.  :)

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