Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A "first" I wasn't ready to experience...

We have been keeping very busy lately!! The past few days have been go, go, go! Charlotte and I have been scoping the stores to find Christmas gifts for our family and friends. I cannot wait for the Black Friday sales! I think I am actually going to brave the crowds and go out that day! It will be an exciting experience, I'm sure.  :)

We had another first this week. Our first ER visit with Charlotte. I will start off by saying that she is absolutely fine. We are extremely lucky and happy that our hospital visit was short and sweet. As I was going through some mail on Monday morning, Charlotte was hanging out with me in the kitchen/dining room. I was no more than 2 feet away from her. Well, as I turned around for 2 seconds to read a piece of mail (apparently that's all it takes), Charlotte had managed to pull down on the flap of the garbage can. We keep our Kitchen Aid mixer on top of the can. When she pulled down, both the garbage can and the mixer came falling down. The mixer hit Charlotte right in the head. Now, if you don't know, those mixers are heavy. I saw the last few seconds of it happen in slow motion, yet I couldn't get there fast enough. Poor Charlotte :(

I immediately took her to the ER. She was acting fine and in a great mood. They discharged her quickly after an examination and said that she seems to be A-OK. Thank goodness!!! Like I said before, we are so very lucky that she only walked away with a few bumps. What a scary moment!

On another note, we have been enjoying the Fall season! We have been playing inside, outside, and having so much fun! Rain or shine, we like to have fun!

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