Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 1 as a SAHM

Well, the first week as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) has come to an end. It was an amazing week, and made me realize that Brian and I have made the right decision. I am so happy to be able to enjoy the days with Charlotte again, and to be able to experience so much with her.

We have started Gymboree classes again as well. We were able to get into a class with the teacher that she had from 2-6 months, so it was great to see her again! However, I will tell you that a Gymboree class with a mobile child is MUCH more exhausting than one with an infant that just sits there. Mom needed a nap after that one. Did I get one? Probably not, but it was still a really fun day and so great getting back to classes! I cannot wait for next week's class!

I am that person that always starts my Christmas shopping early. Usually it is around September, so this year I am WAY behind. I FINALLY started yesterday. It makes me so happy to have Christmas on the brain, and to start getting into the holiday festivities! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and I just cannot get enough of it! I think I may have to get the Christmas CD's out soon, very soon.  :)

And yes, this is still my favorite Christmas CD   :)


  1. I love you for loving that Christmas CD because it is still one of my faves as well!

  2. Christie - That CD is a classic! :)